Domestic Violence

Even a small disagreement between loved ones can quickly escalate to a heated argument. People often will call the police when they get upset. Before you know it they are at your door and you’re facing the humiliation of being taken away in handcuffs. It is a difficult thing to be accused of domestic violence, neighbors see you arrested at your own home, people automatically label you as the “bad guy,” and then there is the courts taking action against you. At Evergreen Defenders we will help you get through the legal restraints so you can work on maintaining a healthy relationship at home.

Arrested For Domestic Violence

If the police are called to the scene of a domestic violence dispute, and it appears that there has been any physical contact within the last four hours, they are required to place someone under arrest. If neither party reported the disturbance, then it is up to the police to determine who the victim is. If you are the one who is arrested you could be convicted, face jail time, be required to take treatment classes, have firearms rights revoked, or even lose your job.

No Contact Orders

Did you know that the court can order a no contact order even if both parties are in objection to it? This can be an enormous nightmare for people, especially if you share your home, car, or have children. This no contact order can stay in effect for months while court proceedings take place and, depending on the outcome, continue for a very long time.


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Possessing Stolen Property
Classification of Crimes

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