Under 21 DUI

Youthful Mistakes Can Be Crimes

A seemingly youthful mistake becomes magnified if your teenager is arrested for underage drinking and driving. The DUI laws for those who can legally consume alcohol are severe enough without adding an underage charge to it. At Evergreen Defenders in Olympia, Washington, we understand that these serious criminal matters affect the futures of our area youth.

Politics have made DUI laws unnecessarily severe, particularly for those arrested for underage drinking and driving. An immediate plea of guilty without an attorney present is unwise, if not life changing.

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Forget about the .08 limit when it comes to underage drinking and driving. Any level of alcohol found through blood or breath tests will result in an arrest. Underage and under arrest for DUI makes a young person susceptible to suggestions and solutions. Prosecutors may coerce them or their parents to take a quick plea for an underage DUI. Resist that urge and contact us. Underage drivers have options too.

Your Options and Rights When Charged with Underage DUI/DWI

At Evergreen Defenders, we will communicate the consequences of a guilty plea. Simply put, if someone under 21 is found guilty of underage drinking and driving, they will not be able to drive legally until their 21st birthday.

Underage drinking and driving is anything but a minor crime. That should motivate you to seek an attorney at our firm to provide a level of tenacious advocacy that few other firms provide.

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