Juvenile Crime

Juvenile crimes are similar or the same as those for adults. However, the penalties, procedures and the goals of Juvenile Court are quite different. One of the most notable distinctions is that juveniles are not entitled to a trial by jury, all trials are set before a Judge.

A juvenile can be charged with either a felony or misdemeanor. Depending on the severity of the crime, the State can decline a case and it would be held in an adult court. Many of the procedural rules for Juvenile Court can be found here.

Juvenile crime can have far reaching collateral consequences for future work and schooling. Most young adults are not fully aware of the magnitude of their actions and simply do not deserve tough sentences.

Others may be struggling with cognitive disabilities that are at the core of the problem. Having a young adult in counseling may often address many of the issues.

A skilled juvenile defense attorney will negotiate with the Prosecution for rehabilitation instead of jail time in a juvenile detention center. Having an experienced criminal attorney there to fight for your child’s freedom, Constitutional rights and attempt to get the charges dropped or reduced is essential.

At Evergreen Defenders our practice areas for juveniles include: Assault, Drug Possession and Distribution, Computer Crimes, Vandalism, Possession of Marijuana, Theft, Fraud and all other Juvenile Offenses. In addition to being formally charged of a crime, you should still call us even if your child has not been formally charged but has been accused of a crime

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