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Simply put, you could lose your driver’s license following a DUI arrest and prior to conviction or acquittal. Many clients come to us unaware of this fact. We provide education on the process of license suspension and aggressively represent them in both the criminal and administrative processes.

At Evergreen Defenders in Olympia, Washington, we understand that good people sometimes make bad choices, but those choices should not result in the automatic loss of your driver’s license.

The administrative process involving your driver’s license is not to be ignored. Losing your license is both personally limiting and potentially career ending. Contact us at (360) 943-8999

Steps Need to Be Taken to Stop License Suspension/Revocation
Following an arrest for DUI where you registered at least .08 on a breathalyzer or refused the testing, the police are supposed to provide you with information related to the administrative process for possible license revocation. Oftentimes, they fail to communicate that important step to you. That is where we come in to tenaciously advocate for you.

You have 20 days from your arrest to schedule a Department of Licensing hearing to prevent a license revocation or suspension. At Evergreen Defenders, your attorney will appear and provide arguments on your behalf as to why your license should not be suspended or revoked.

Licenses for Work Purposes Are Not an Option
Know that a license for work purposes is not an option. Your only choice if you do not prevail at the administrative hearing is to apply for an Ignition Interlock license. For a time period dictated by the Department of Licensing, you must have the device on your car, along a with high-risk, three-year insurance binder, known as SR22.

With the administrative process, DUI-related punishments can have an overwhelmingly negative impact on your life, particularly if you are a commercial driver. An immediate plea of guilty is not an option that we explore, nor should you.

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