Driving Under the Influence

Under the Washington State DUI statute (RCW 46.61.504), a person is considered to be DUI when under the influence of alcohol and/or drug to the extent that their driving is affected to any appreciable degree determined from a police officer. When decided whether or not to file charges, the prosecutor considers all of the evidence – including the driving, appearance and demeanor of the suspect, any admissions to drinking or taking drugs, and the results of the field sobriety tests.

Evergreen Defenders is firmly established in preparing strong DUI defense for clients that have included former police officers, fire department personnel, doctors, nurses, business owners and students. They knew what was at stake and decided to secure the extensive advocacy they needed to work with our successful DUI Criminal Defense Firm.

Protect your rights with the help of an established, successful DUI Criminal Defense Attorney, Sharon Chirichillo, in Olympia, Washington.

We know the steps to take. We know the consequences you face.

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The Need for Experience When Facing Severe DUI Charges

When you are charged with the crime of DUI, you may feel that you need to admit to this crime immediately. You may believe that you were driving drunk and should pay the penalty. Accordingly, you may not see the need for an established, successful DUI attorney. The reality is that after a conviction, life is hindered with many more complications. Immediately following a conviction are exorbitant insurance rates, loss of a driver’s license, personal embarrassment and employment consequences.

We Don’t Plead Guilty As Charged

Pleading cases out to a charge of guilty may be the norm for other attorneys. That is not the practice at our firm. Pleading guilty as charged ignores your rights and assumes that every step in your arrest was made mistake-free. Blood tests are prone to error. Breath tests may be suspect due to poor calibration of a breathalyzer. Pleading guilty to DUI can result in the loss of a driver’s license that could lead to they loss of your job.

BAC Charts (M/F)
Deferred Prosecution
DUI Penalties
Financial Responsibility
Physical Control

Why Choose Us

      • Sharon is a member of the National College for DUI Defense
      • We are devoted to minimizing the impact the punishments have on your life and future
      • We consider the best interest of you and your family
      • We will guide you through the criminal justice system
      • We can also represent you during administrative driver’s licensing hearings before the Department of Licensing.

What Clients Say

Got in trouble. Sharon saved me. Smart. The people in court love her. Judges always pick her first, which I tell you saved me tons of time. It amazed me how many people know her. When i went to a class, many of the people who attended had Sharon as their attorney too. Each person admired her. She is awesome and caring. Before court would begin couple of her other clients were there and we were talking about how amazing Sharon is, she is killer with the ridiculous prosecutors and got a miracle for me and for the other people. She also is a big part in changing my life. Thank you Lady. I think Sharon is the best.
JG, a DUI client
Had DUI never had trouble in my life. Eye opener and humbling. Sharon worked hard and got me a negligence. She is a tough lady with a deep heart. Her office is welcoming and they simply adore her. I kind of miss going there just to be around them. I learned a tremendous amount and grateful for Sharon’s hard work. The judges like her and respect whatever she says and she is always first up in court. Great lady.
AWF, a DUI client
I had a dui couple years ago and Sharon got my case so I can keep my job. I ended up with a great deal and not have dui showing to my boss. A friend of mine who is a Trooper was even impressed with my outcome. She had referred me to Sharon and I am relieved I get to keep my job, my volunteer work as well. She is great. I ran into her at the store and I went to her gave a hug. And now I want to give back to her and her firm with my highest recommendation.
Leta, a DUI client
Sharon Chirichillo and her staff are experts, kind and extremely professional. I was charged with a DUI on a Saturday and my arraignment was the following Monday. I walked into Sharon’s office terrified and came out feeling relieved. Sharon represented me with the utmost integrity. I was put on the deferred program and as long as I keep my nose clean and attend treatments, the DUI will be dismissed in good time. Her and her staff went above and beyond to help me legally and financially. I truly can’t thank them enough.
AK, a DUI client

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