Intent to Sell or Distribute

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It is illegal to sell or distribute controlled substances. Drug crimes of this kind are often charged as felonies, and if committed within a certain distance of a school or church, the accused may face increased penalties.

It is a serious criminal offense to sell or distribute illegal drugs. Particularly when these charges involve selling drugs to minors or involve alleged sales within a certain distance of school property, a church or public recreation center, the offender will face enhanced penalties. Even a first time offender who is convicted for the sale or distribution of narcotics may face harsh penalties. Most of the time, distribution is charged as a felony offense. Specific sentencing guidelines will vary depending upon the specific charge, the type of drug, the amount of drug and whether state lines were crossed. The accused may also face harsher penalties if convicted in federal court.

In some cases, the accused may face criminal charges for possessing a controlled substance with the intent to sell or distribute it. When law enforcement makes an arrest for drug possession and discovers evidence that may indicate that the arrestee intended to sell or distribute the drugs, the defendant may face more serious charges than simple possession. The presence of measuring scales, baggies, client lists, large amounts of cash and other items may be considered to indicate that the defendant intended the drugs for more than just personal use.


Typically the most serious type of drug offense a person may be accused of committing, drug trafficking may involve a number of different actions related to importing, exporting, smuggling, selling and manufacturing narcotics.

Drug trafficking refers to the import and export of narcotics and illegal prescription drugs past points where they are prohibited by law. An example would be importing cocaine from Columbia into the United States by smuggling it in cargo and shipping it into an international airport. As drug trafficking is often an international or interstate crime, federal government agencies are often involved in the investigation and prosecution of these offenses. Most drug trafficking crimes are felony offenses. This is generally considered the most serious type of drug crime a person may be accused of committing.

Penalties for drug trafficking will vary depending upon the type of controlled substance as well as the amount. Asset forfeiture, state prison time, heavy fines and other penalties may be assessed for a drug trafficking charge.

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