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A theft crime is an illegal act that involves taking another’s property against their will, without their knowledge or by way of deceit. While some theft crimes are violent crimes, others are classified as white collar crimes. Typically, most types of fraud (theft by deception) are considered white collar crimes.

Generally speaking, classifications will be dependent upon the value of property, goods or money that was allegedly taken. The penalties for a theft crime will depend not only upon what state/county has jurisdiction, but also upon the specific crime. For instance, such factors as the use of a weapon or causing injury to another may result in the enforcement of enhanced penalties.


Also a type of violent crime, robbery may be best described as theft by force. It may involve taking another’s property from their immediate possession or presence by way of threats, force or violence.


Also referred to as “breaking and entering,” burglary is the criminal act of unlawfully entering or remaining on another’s property with the intent of committing theft or another crime.

Consequences of a Theft Crime Conviction

The penalties enforced for a theft crime conviction will vary drastically depending on the jurisdiction, the accused’s criminal history (if any), the amount of property involved and whether violence was used to carry out the crime. In addition to facing jail or prison time, fines and other criminal penalties, a person convicted of theft may face a future with limited opportunities in education, employment and even housing or finances. One’s reputation may never fully recover.

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Got a DUI in Thurston County. I hired Sharon to represent me. She worked very hard and was able to get it reduced to a Neg 1. Her staff was great also. They were in court with Sharon which made me feel much more comfortable. I would highly recommend Sharon to anyone.
Eric, a Criminal Defense client
Sharon and her staff were not only professional but understanding. I was treated with dignity and respect in spite of the legal issue I had. She kept me informed and also tells you upfront what you can expect from her and what she expects from you. She is always answers your questions honestly and thoughtfully.
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I would like to take a moment to thank Evergreen Defenders for their amazing job dealing with my recent legal complications. They were quick to deal with the issues, easy to communicate with, always available, and Sharon’s legal skills and knowledge is truly amazing. Not only was she able to reduce my fee significantly but she prevented me from having to travel several hundred miles for a court appearance. I would recommend her to anyone!
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