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Experience and Knowledge at Your Side

Our firm handles over 400 criminal cases per year. Felonies, Juvenile Offenses and DUIs are not areas of criminal law that we dabble in from time to time. We stay on the cutting-edge of existing laws and pending legislation and pass that knowledge on to you. We know the steps to take. We know the consequences you face.

We Don’t Plead Guilty As Charged

Pleading cases out to a charge of guilty may be the norm for other attorneys. That is not the practice at our firm. Pleading guilty as charged ignores your rights and assumes that every step in your arrest was made mistake-free. Eye witnesses perceptions are not clear. Handwriting analyses or fingerprint comparisons are not set in stone, Blood tests are prone to error. Breath tests may be suspect due to poor calibration of a breathalyzer. Pleading guilty to any Felony, Juvenile Offense or DUI can result in the loss of a driver’s license that could lead to the loss of your job.

Advocacy for High-Profile Olympia Residents

Evergreen Defenders is firmly established in preparing strong Criminal defense for clients that have included former police officers, fire department personnel, doctors, nurses, business owners and students. They knew what was at stake and decided to work with the established, successful Evergreen Defenders Criminal Defense Law Firm.

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