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At Evergreen Defenders, clients come to us seeking solutions to serious problems that involve charges of DUI or drug possession. They may be facing suspension of their driver’s license or feeling that their rights have been violated during a search and seizure. They need honest aggressive representation and tenacious advocacy that our criminal law attorneys display daily.

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Sharon Chirichillo
Sharon ChirichilloFounder & Managing Attorney of Evergreen Defenders
Licensed in WA & OR State
Chester Baldwin
Chester BaldwinSenior Attorney of Counsel
Spencer Baldwin
Spencer BaldwinSenior Attorney of Counsel
Licenced in WA & NY State

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Areas of Practice



Our office handles over 400 DUI cases per year. This is not an area of criminal law that we dabble in from time to time. We stay on the cutting-edge of existing drunk driving laws and pending legislation and pass that knowledge on to you. Protect your rights with the help of an established, successful DUI Criminal Defense Attorney. Contact Evergreen Defenders today!


A seemingly youthful mistake becomes magnified if your teenager is arrested for underage crimes. While the offense may seem straightforward at first glance, these cases can actually be quite complicated. Juvenile crimes are similar or the same as those for adults but the penalties, procedures and the goals of Juvenile Court are quite different.  At Evergreen Defenders, we understand that these serious criminal matters affect the futures of our area youth and we work hard to protect their rights.

Drug Charges

It is illegal to sell or distribute controlled substances. Penalties for these crimes may increase if these actions took place within a certain distance of a school or church. Similarly, being charged with possession of drug paraphernalia is also considered a crime. Learn your rights and let us help you with the best defense possible.

Driver’s License

At Evergreen Defenders in Olympia, Washington, we understand that good people sometimes make bad choices, but those choices should not result in the automatic loss of your driver’s license. The administrative process involving your driver’s license is not to be ignored. Losing your license is both personally limiting and potentially career ending. If you meet requirements, you may request a hearing to stay (not impose) the revocation or to reinstate your driving privilege.

Criminal Law

Criminal law is the body of law that relates to so-called “public wrongs.” Criminal law does not concern itself with disputes between individuals, but relates to offenses against the public order. The federal government, along with cities and states, define and prosecute people who commit crimes that range from minor traffic violations to serious, violent offenses. Washington State breaks their crimes into two major groups: Felonies and Misdemeanors.

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Drink & Drive? NOT Smart. Drink & Drive & Arrested? Humiliating.

Evergreen Defenders is a successful DUI & criminal defense law firm located in Olympia,Washington.

We are dedicated primarily to the aggressive defense of DUI , including other serious traffic matters such as Reckless Driving charges, Negligent Driving offenses, as well as Driving Without License Suspension and Department of Licensing Hearings. Felony accusations such as possession of marijuana, or other drug charges are aggressively fought with the client’s wishes foremost at hand.

We are dedicated to the highest level of aggressive representation in the court room with compassionate advocacy to clients.

Additionally, we practice extensively within the Puget Sound Regions. These areas include: Mason County- Shelton; Lewis County- Chehalis, Centralia; Pierce County- Tacoma; Clallum County- Sequim, Port Angeles; Jefferson County- Port Townsend; and Kitsap County. I offer an hour in person free consult. Military discounts are given to the people currently serving or have served our country.